React Native is one of the most exciting technology developed so far for developing native mobile application with javascript by facebook  in around 2013. Android support have just been released in 2015. This technology is new  compared to other alternative of developing mobile applications.

The information available over the internet regarding react native is still not mature enough for developing great application. Information is there but all scattered here and there from number of bloggers. One would lost somewhere else  if he tries to get detail underlying technology  needed.  Since react native build native application with web technology, one should have bold knowledge of native technology and web technology and there are very few people who know this well. If some is good at web then he is not so comfortable with native , and if someone is good at native then he is bad at web.

The the idea behind this blog is to provide all the necessary information regarding react native way of developing native mobile application at one place right from web and native aspect. Hope  I will keep up my sprit up  till the end. 🙂