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Hello React Native Router Flux.

One of the easiest way to implement flux with react-native is to use react-native-router-flux which provide a very easy way to use flux architect.

This is one of the simplest example for react-native-router-flux. Here we will see how we can navigate from one view to another view. Let’s get started with following step.


Create hello react-native application

In terminal / command window

react-native init HelloFlux

Navigate to HelloFlux directory and install react-native-router-flux npm package

First navigate to the directory that contain package.json inside HelloFlux directory from terminal and run following command. This will install react-native-router-flux node package into the project.

npm install –save react-native-router-flux


Diving into coding

In for android and  index.ios.js for iOS type in the following code.


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